Friday, May 31, 2013

[NEW] How to get underground videos from The YNC for free

A lot of you may know my first tutorial which no longer works because The YNC updated it's site software! Yes dear TheYNCsters, your old site had many flaws. But since I am the mastermind behind w4r3zh4ck and because your underground section is filled with UNINTERESTING, boring and profit-jerking crap (despite the fact that you earn more from the ads than from UG membership), I will expose another flaw.

How to get underground videos from The YNC for free!

So yeah, go to the underground section as usual:
And select a video.
Right click on the video thumbnail and select "View Image Info"
Do you see the ID of the video ? Copy that.
In your address bar type:  - Where the ID is the number you just copied.

Are you getting "Unsupported Media Type" or slow download speed?
Do this trick:

UPDATE (August 29, 2013)
I will try not to make things complicated here. I advise you to read the tutorial from the beginning so that you can understand what the hell am I talking about.

It seems like the tech monkeys from TheYNC have removed a tiny function from the code which is "tiny" as we speak, but it plays a major role and they have been quiet about this. I am talking about the "View Image Info" element when you right click. It appears no more so ... No big deal what-so-EVAR !

Please right click on a video thumbnail and select "Inspect Element"
A window will appear with the current page's code. 
DO-NOT-TOUCH-ANYTHING !!!! Not because you will "hack" TheYNC but because you will lose track of where things are. Look at the above image and search for the class named "yncHPThumbLink".
Right below it there is the style link. Copy the ID of the video at the end of the link and in your browser type:

UPDATE (April 29, 2015)
Holy shit it still works!
If doesn't work for you, try with


  1. worked great at first now i get 415 error
    Unsupported Media Type

    The supplied request data is not in a format acceptable for processing by this resource.
    Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

    any tips?

    1. It doesn't work for videos uploaded before the major site upgrade. Not sure why. But you can check my first tutorial for older UG videos, there are plenty of them. Just use download manager to get them.

    2. woah... feeling prretty dense for not figuring that one out! Thanks alot!

    3. yes! adding the 'media' seems to work for all the vids.
      Kudos, sir! Thou rock-eth!

  2. Replies
    1. Install Firefox for Mac. You might also install a download manager so you can get the videos more easily.

  3. Yeah ive tried it and this doesn't work at all..... What am i doing wrong. Or have they re-revised the site?

    1. Greetings. It is working fine, Sir! But please keep in mind that what you just mentioned could happen in the near future without any notice.

  4. the 2º method worked fine here.

    Thanks sir. greetings from Brazil.

  5. Hey
    I have a problem with the IDs.
    Only the IDs with an 8 first work.
    All the other Vids dont play.
    They say the file are corrupt.
    Please help


  6. could someone post an example of how a link should look like, i tried it often but i dont get it, please help ?

  7. i cant find the id link there> any changes has been made. please update. kudos

  8. It still works, look at the page for the first tutorial and you'll see a bunch of links posted. They look something like this:

    The key here is to take the "XXXXX-keyword" part and replace it with the similar looking line from the video you want to watch.

  9. none of those are working now but thanks for trying

    1. You sure m8?
      Last time I checked 5 mins ago it perfectly worked... Try with Firefox!

  10. Replies
    1. It works for fucks sake!!!
      If you are having problems try with Mozilla Firefox

  11. Can someone explain if their was any changes made. I was doing this 2 months ago no problem and now it doesn't work. I've tried with both ways that the april 29th 2015 update suggests and it won't work. I also tried using firefox and get the following
    404 Not Found

    1. I don't know, some videos are maybe deleted but it certainly works for me... Could you reply with the video link or ID which says not found so I can test ?

  12. Yep, still working. Thanks dude :)

  13. guys, just take the number that you see in the link after inspecting element

    for example:

    the "pageTNXXXXX.jpg" in the link is the video ID for each link.

    then u take this link and replace the XXXXX with the numbers on the video you wish to watch, easy as that

    http://media theync com/videos/videoXXXXX mp4 (with dots instead of spaces)

    it works on chrome aswell and if u do it on chrome you dont have to download anything, just watch it in your browser!

  14. I keep getting a 404 whenever I try both links. Odd.

  15. Used to work like a charm, guess the gig is up and they made a change because I cannot get it to work anymore. Thanks for the hack before though, it was awesome.

    1. Yeap, the party is over folks! Sorry about that. They had shitty UG vids anyway